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Holborn & Upminster

Trad: 3 Multi: 1
Walked: 7.9 miles

I was in London again for work this afternoon but had to travel in via Upminster due to engineering works on my usual route. My first was a trad at Upminster Station, then a trip on the District Line into central London. I was early for work, so picked up another trad and a multi around Holborn before heading off to earn a crust.

Red Lion Square
Red Lion Square

Once my shift was done, I got the tube back to Upminster again but couldn’t resist looking for just one more, despite it being dark. A nighttime Nano to round off the evening, job done.

Nighttime Nano
Nighttime Nano

Day #305 – Dengie Drive-Bys

Trad: 4 Multi: 1 Puzzle: 2 Letterbox: 1
Walked: 3.5 miles

I slightly twisted my ankle yesterday after my caching walk, so decided to do some Dengie peninisula drive-bys today to give it bit of a rest.

FTF No. 26 - Yay!
FTF No. 26 – Yay!

I didn’t get going until nearly 6pm, just as a notification for a new Village Sign in Bicknacre dropped into my inbox. Oooh, you never know – might be on for FTF. I’m not normally one to chase them, but as I was going that way anyway, it would seem rude not to give it a shot.

It was a simple nano on a park bench, but yes, the log was blank when I arrived. Yay! FTF No. 26 in the bag.

There were a few Church Micros on the list, two in Latchingdon and one in Althorne, all picked up with ease.

CM107 - Latchingdon
CM107 – Latchingdon
CM531 - Althorne
CM531 – Althorne

I also found a couple of puzzles this evening – another new Really SideTracked, Cold Norton and the final Mr Mercator hide I hadn’t yet found, Lucky Eight.

On The Way To Lucky 8
On The Way To Lucky 8

There was also a lovely Letterbox hide in Althorne, Cheats Never Prosper. The cache title didn’t make much sense until I saw the great big stamp in the box! Bean & Sprout’s letterboxes always have the best stamps I’ve seen. I left a trackable for the mice to look after too.

Cheats Never Prosper
Cheats Never Prosper

Day #169 – Just The One

Trad: 1
Walked: 5.8 miles

Just the one today, Dub 1 in fact. I had lots to do, so only had time for a quick cache and dash in Galleywood – my closest unfound cache. I had previously DNF’d it about a week ago, but thankfully it was a quick find today which meant I could get on with my other jobs. In fact, I was in-and-out in such quick time I forgot to take a photo!

Day #136 – Piggybacks And Horses

Trad: 1
Walked: 9.6 miles

9th December 2015
9th December 2015

The tow truck arrived this morning to cart off the car to the garage. Once we had dropped it off, I walked into Chelmsford to run some errands which took a couple of hours.

Piggyback - So Caching On The Bus Again Today!
Piggyback – So Caching On The Bus Again Today!

Today’s cache had to be another of my “emergency” reserves – this time one of the Chignal Chase series recently set by PeCeH. I got the bus as far as I could and then walked out to the furthest of the five I still hadn’t found – I’d rather do it that way so they will get easier over time! No. 5 is called Nano Neigh Never, and was thankfully a very quick find.

The bus trip home again took AGES – it seems that bus timetables are a work of fiction, as is a “half-hourly service” on Route 54 🙁