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Day #305 – Dengie Drive-Bys

Trad: 4 Multi: 1 Puzzle: 2 Letterbox: 1
Walked: 3.5 miles

I slightly twisted my ankle yesterday after my caching walk, so decided to do some Dengie peninisula drive-bys today to give it bit of a rest.

FTF No. 26 - Yay!
FTF No. 26 – Yay!

I didn’t get going until nearly 6pm, just as a notification for a new Village Sign in Bicknacre dropped into my inbox. Oooh, you never know – might be on for FTF. I’m not normally one to chase them, but as I was going that way anyway, it would seem rude not to give it a shot.

It was a simple nano on a park bench, but yes, the log was blank when I arrived. Yay! FTF No. 26 in the bag.

There were a few Church Micros on the list, two in Latchingdon and one in Althorne, all picked up with ease.

CM107 - Latchingdon
CM107 – Latchingdon
CM531 - Althorne
CM531 – Althorne

I also found a couple of puzzles this evening – another new Really SideTracked, Cold Norton and the final Mr Mercator hide I hadn’t yet found, Lucky Eight.

On The Way To Lucky 8
On The Way To Lucky 8

There was also a lovely Letterbox hide in Althorne, Cheats Never Prosper. The cache title didn’t make much sense until I saw the great big stamp in the box! Bean & Sprout’s letterboxes always have the best stamps I’ve seen. I left a trackable for the mice to look after too.

Cheats Never Prosper
Cheats Never Prosper

Day #184 – Maldon, Mundon & More

Trad: 4 Multi: 1 Letterbox: 1
Walked: 4.0 miles

I had planned to go out for a quick single find today, another of the Bolting Round Ulting loop. But I changed my mind when I was half way there and detoured to Maldon to try my hand at another few of the No Mud hides. Success at three (including one I had previously DNF’d a few months ago) and no luck with two more.


Originally I was going to call it a day after that, but addiction got the better of me and I headed off to Mundon to search for a lovely little Letterbox by Bean & Sprout instead. Just for once, I remembered I had my Smiley stamp in the bag with me, so I was able to stamp up the cache’s logbook with mine, as well as my own with the Daffodil stamp which was in the box.

Lovely Letterbox
Lovely Letterbox

After another detour to Latchingdon for a Village Sign multi (and a trad DNF), it was back towards home via Cold Norton – to finally pick up CrazyHedgehogsMr Crabby’s Cold Bridge Cache – another which has been bugging me for months since my last DNF there. Hooray! Job done. 🙂