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Day #220 – Chignal Chasing #1

Trad: 1
Walked: 4.0 miles

The morning was spent organising getting my sick car to the garage. Another ride on the back of a tow truck, another expensive bill, no doubt! We shall have to wait and see what the diagnosis is.

Being without transport again, I had to resort to one of my standby caches, this time Chignal Chase #1. By the time I set off to catch the bus it was beginning to turn nasty. By the time I got off the bus to start my 1.5 mile round trip walk to the cache there was a bitter westerly wind blowing stinging rain and hail into my face!

Several times I wondered what the hell I was doing here, and the only thing which kept me trudging on was some of my favourite music piped through my headphones. Eventually I reached a very welcome sign – the target of my search.

A Welcome Sign
A Welcome Sign

Cache found, I had to turn around and trudge back to the bus stop, barely able to feel my legs from the bum to ankles. The things I do for this geostreak!

Day #136 – Piggybacks And Horses

Trad: 1
Walked: 9.6 miles

9th December 2015
9th December 2015

The tow truck arrived this morning to cart off the car to the garage. Once we had dropped it off, I walked into Chelmsford to run some errands which took a couple of hours.

Piggyback - So Caching On The Bus Again Today!
Piggyback – So Caching On The Bus Again Today!

Today’s cache had to be another of my “emergency” reserves – this time one of the Chignal Chase series recently set by PeCeH. I got the bus as far as I could and then walked out to the furthest of the five I still hadn’t found – I’d rather do it that way so they will get easier over time! No. 5 is called Nano Neigh Never, and was thankfully a very quick find.

The bus trip home again took AGES – it seems that bus timetables are a work of fiction, as is a “half-hourly service” on Route 54 🙁