My Top 20

Originally this was going to be the Top 10 of my favourite caches, but I just couldn’t whittle it down that far! They are in some semblance of order, and I’ll tell you why I have a soft spot for each one:

  1. Shrekmy log
    This was a new DT combo for me and geocaching friend Kitty. We christened our new waders by slopping through a swamp near Maistone – great fun! I’ve also really enjoyed reading others’ logs at this cache, so it’s a definite all time favourite.

    In Shrek's Swamp!
    In Shrek’s Swamp!
  2. Armchair Gricermy log
    Where do I start with this fantastic puzzle by Gillywig? It was such a well-themed cache, I’m the child of a Gricer and the final hide was so well put together. Much fun.

    A Gricer's Armchair!
    A Gricer’s Armchair!
  3. STS-107 Columbiamy log
    I’m a massive space geek and was so pleased to visit Kennedy Space Center again in 2012 (the first time I was there in 1993, geocaching was 7 years from being invented!). Plus, I got to see TWO Space Shuttles while I was there 🙂

    Space Shuttle Selfie!
    Space Shuttle Selfie!
  4. Europe’s Firstmy log
    The oldest cache I’ve found so far, from June 2000, during a lovely geocaching  trip to Ireland with Alistair.

    At Europe's First!
    At Europe’s First!
  5. View from Coombe Hillmy log
    The oldest geocache in England. Located at a spectacular view, just as a bonus!

    GC171 & Me
    GC171 & Me
  6. TimeWarp (Reprise)my log
    This one represents the endless hours of torment I have endured at the hands of mcwomble‘s puzzles! The trickiest of the TimeWarp series, and one which took weeks of painstaking dead-ends and little nudges to finally solve.

    Hylands Park
    Hylands Park
  7. UK Mega Essex 2015my log
    My first ever Mega Event, one for which I had the pleasure of being Official Photographer. It will be hard to top, there were such fantastic events all week and Mega Day itself gave me the opportunity to find some Lab caches too.

    Lockers - Lab Cache
    Lockers – Lab Cache
  8. Mercator’s Projection no.13b – tricky triskaidekamy log
    Another one which represents many hours spent bashing my brains against Mr Mercator‘s enigmatic puzzles!

    Tricky Trio (aka Three Grinning Fools)
    Tricky Trio (aka Three Grinning Fools)
  9. Run Around’s Ramble – 7. Combinationmy log
    A fantastic series set in Hatfield Forest, this was the one I enjoyed the most – but they all have brain-teasing field puzzles.

    Combination Cracked!
    Combination Cracked!
  10. Perplexity 1: cake walkmy log
    Representative of an excellent set of Perplexity puzzle caches in St. Albans, which I was really pleased to solve. Plus, I’m a big fan of cake!

    Harrowing The Fields
    Harrowing The Fields
  11. Reflectionmy log
    A very clever puzzle which I was pleased to have solved without any hints; one of many taxing brain-teasers from local puzzle-setter, grinning_buddha.

    Nicer Weather Than When I Found Reflection
    Nicer Weather Than When I Found Reflection
  12. Rally Round 76 aka Length Matters my log
    First to Finds are rare enough for me, but to get one on a Mr Crow puzzle is as rare as Crow’s Teeth… 🙂

    RR76 - First To Find
    RR76 – First To Find
  13. Walk the Linemy log
    A fantastic multi which took me on an adventure that, at times, I wasn’t sure I would complete. GZ was a real gem, goodness knows how Gillywig finds these places!

    Further Up The Line
    Further Up The Line
  14. DriveBy – WaterWorksmy log
    A fantastic field puzzle near the Museum of Power, which requires teamwork to get the log out – and provided a great sense of satisfaction when it was solved.

    Waterwork Gubbins In The Museum
    Waterwork Gubbins In The Museum
  15. Galley Endmy log
    My 500th find and a cache which had been on my bogey list for almost 11 months before finally solving it. It all seems rather pedestrian now, but in 2009, that sort of puzzle was quite rare.

    Galley-End Bogeyman - 500th Find
    Galley-End Bogeyman – 500th Find
  16. Bald Riks Cunning Planmy log
    A Blackadder-themed series of 7 caches, set just to the north west of Brentwood by GrooveFactor5. Being a Blackadder geek, I was pleased to manage 6 out of 7 First To Finds, the last of which was this big, bad boy – the largest cache I’ve found to date. It was HUGE! [Now sadly just a micro, as the big box got muggled! 🙁 ]

    Baldric's Big Box!
    Baldric’s Big Box!
  17. Kiyomizumy log
    I found 29 caches during my trip to Japan in 2012. They were all in wonderful places, but I loved Kyoto above all else, and this was a very poignant location.

    Kiyomizu-dera Hon-Do, Kyoto
    Kiyomizu-dera Hon-Do, Kyoto
  18. Red Indian Churchmy log
    One of my very first finds (#17) and a beautiful location which I love. Also the cache where my travel bug, Caz’s Canuck Connection started and finished its mammoth 5 year, 28,500+ mile journey.

    All Saints, Ulting - The Red Indian Church
    All Saints, Ulting – The Red Indian Church
  19. UKME2015: 911 Emergencymy log
    A fun little cache which is housed in a fantastic themed container, with a straightforward field puzzle to solve before you can get in. A really well made cache.

    It's An Emergency!
    It’s An Emergency!
  20. Endurance Puzzles – my log
    A fantastic set of field puzzles on the Essex/Suffolk border, which Alistair and I enjoyed solving very much. It was like doing five caches in one.

    You Get Nothing For Buttons
    You Get Nothing For Buttons