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Fyfield Frolic

Multi: 2
Walked: 3.2 miles

I noticed a couple of new multis have sprung up in Fyfield recently, so this afternoon I decided to head over the for a little walk.

The first was along a track to the north west of the village which I hadn’t really explored before. The cache was soon in hand once I had done the number-crunching.

Oak Leaf On The Path
Oak Leaf On The Path

The second was a multi starting at Canon’s Green. It was a bit tricky to spot the info I needed (the hint as to what I was looking for was pretty cryptic). But eventually the penny dropped and I headed off up a short section of The Essex Way – familiar territory here from a previous visit a while ago. The Viking Treasure was soon located!

Along The Essex Way
Along The Essex Way

While I was in the area, I also scouted out resetting a section of The Essex Way between a stretch starting just south of Canon’s Green along to Willingale, to meet up with PeCeH‘s section there. All the pots were still in place from when they were originally archived, so I replaced the logs with fresh ones and went home to publish 15 caches under the title of Essex Way Redux. All in all a good day’s work.

Day #159 – Older But No Wiser

Event: 1
Walked: 2.0 miles

I enjoyed my Birthday/New Year event today, hitting my 4000th find with perfect timing! Alistair gave me a geocoin to commemorate the milestone. And  I encouraged everyone to wear a silly hat and the “log” was rather well themed too…

Signed The Log Hat!
Signed The Log Hat!

Even Shifty The Mega Duck had some new head wear for the event. What a smart bird!

Shifty's New Hat
Shifty’s New Hat

Now I’ve reached 4000, I can find as many as I like in a day, rather than rationing myself as I have been over the past few days.

Day #10 – A Few Around Kelvedon Hatch

Trad: 5
Walked: 3.8 miles

5th August 2015
5th August 2015

During Mega Week, I noticed there were quite a few new caches published around Kelvedon Hatch, but I didn’t have time to find them at that point. Today I decided to tackle a few (and I’m back caching on my own now that Alistair has headed home to Newcastle).

I enjoyed the Father Ted – themed series and my little walk around Kelevdon Hatch. Here’s a picture of the water tower:

Water Tower
Water Tower

I also set a new cache live today – Caz’s 3K Little Hyde, to celebrate my 3000th cache find a few weeks ago. It’s a pleasant 4-stage multi. Here’s a spoiler for the final!

Caz's 3K Little Hyde
Caz’s 3K Little Hyde