Day #10 – A Few Around Kelvedon Hatch

Trad: 5
Walked: 3.8 miles

5th August 2015
5th August 2015

During Mega Week, I noticed there were quite a few new caches published around Kelvedon Hatch, but I didn’t have time to find them at that point. Today I decided to tackle a few (and I’m back caching on my own now that Alistair has headed home to Newcastle).

I enjoyed the Father Ted – themed series and my little walk around Kelevdon Hatch. Here’s a picture of the water tower:

Water Tower
Water Tower

I also set a new cache live today – Caz’s 3K Little Hyde, to celebrate my 3000th cache find a few weeks ago. It’s a pleasant 4-stage multi. Here’s a spoiler for the final!

Caz's 3K Little Hyde
Caz’s 3K Little Hyde

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