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Fyfield Frolic

Multi: 2
Walked: 3.2 miles

I noticed a couple of new multis have sprung up in Fyfield recently, so this afternoon I decided to head over the for a little walk.

The first was along a track to the north west of the village which I hadn’t really explored before. The cache was soon in hand once I had done the number-crunching.

Oak Leaf On The Path
Oak Leaf On The Path

The second was a multi starting at Canon’s Green. It was a bit tricky to spot the info I needed (the hint as to what I was looking for was pretty cryptic). But eventually the penny dropped and I headed off up a short section of The Essex Way – familiar territory here from a previous visit a while ago. The Viking Treasure was soon located!

Along The Essex Way
Along The Essex Way

While I was in the area, I also scouted out resetting a section of The Essex Way between a stretch starting just south of Canon’s Green along to Willingale, to meet up with PeCeH‘s section there. All the pots were still in place from when they were originally archived, so I replaced the logs with fresh ones and went home to publish 15 caches under the title of Essex Way Redux. All in all a good day’s work.

Day #312 – Tillingham Totter

Trad: 5 Multi: 5 Letterbox: 1
Walked: 6.4 miles

I wanted to avenge the DNF at Burnham-on-Crouch’s Church Micro so today I set off in a determined mood, vowing I must find it! After a few false starts, I eventually sorted it out! Phew!

CM540 Burnham-on-Crouch
CM540 Burnham-on-Crouch

My next stop was to be Asheldham, to attempt Bean & Sprout’s series around The Pits. I found a couple, but through no fault of theirs, the footpaths in the area became umpossibly impassable, so I gave up after trying to hack my way through. On to plan B!

No Way Through - The Pits!
No Way Through – The Pits!

The tiny village of Dengie which gives the peninsular its name was my next destination – for the old Church Micro there.

CM537 - Dengie
CM537 – Dengie

I then relocated to Tillingham for more Bean & Sprout hides – some multi boxes including the Village Sign.

Tillingham Sign
Tillingham Sign

The best reward of the day was the final cache at Sprout’s Birthday Cache.  It was a monster box bigger than my head filled with goodies – pity I didn’t have anything to swap, so I left the swag where it was.

As Big As My Head!
As Big As My Head!

There was time for a nice little Letterbox hide on the way home, too!

Day #205 – A Brace Of Sherlocks

Trad: 1 Multi: 2
Walked: 5.4 miles

I had just enough time to grab a couple of “virtual” multis and a SideTracked hide on my way to work this morning. The first was SideTracked Charing Cross, which I had failed miserably at a few weeks ago. A bit of armchair research when I got home and I knew immediately where I should be today. Voilà!

Then onto the nearby Sherlock 4 – I cannot live without brainwork! which is listed as a multi but in reality is an old virtual which contributes numbers into an actual multi at the end, when you have found all 6 feeder caches. Thankfully it was a quick find today.

Sherlock 4
Sherlock 4

Sherlock 5 – If you eliminate the impossible… was the next one, just around the corner. What a hash I made of it! I had to return later after work to have another go, but got there in the end. Phew!

Sherlock 5
Sherlock 5

Having done Sherlock 2 back in 2013, and picked up No.1 a few weeks ago, I now just have Nos. 3 and 6 to find to get all the numbers I need for the actual physical multi. I’ll work on those over the next few weeks when I’m in the Capital again.

Day #196 – Multitudinous Micros

Multi: 20
Walked: 10.0 miles

I’m feeling a little better today, still coughing a lot, so not really fit to be seen at events, but I have been itching to get out for a proper caching day all week while I’ve had the lurgy.

Church Micro 3591…Bexleyheath - St Peter
Church Micro 3591…Bexleyheath – St Peter

Today’s plan was to find at least 20 Multi Church Micros. This would qualify me for several Challenge Caches. I knew it would be tough, but there are several clusters of yellow box CM’s around Belvedere, Welling and Bexleyheath, just south of the river. I had 25 on the GPS, just in case I got any DNF’s, but thankfully I met my target of 20 with only a couple of difficult finds.

Church Micro 3592…Bexleyheath - St Thomas More
Church Micro 3592…Bexleyheath – St Thomas More

Unfortunately, most of the churches weren’t terrible picturesque, mainly being modern constructions and in very urban settings, so I didn’t end up taking may photos. But I got the job done eventually, and then came home to collapse on the sofa for the evening!

It’s a pity I missed Mr Geotrowel’s Cluedunnit 2 event near Colchester this evening, but it would have been a long way to travel for the evening, which is when I’m generally still feeling rather grotty. Lurgy Be Gone!

Day #164 – Westminster Walk

Trad: 1 Multi: 2 Earth: 1
Walked: 4.1 miles

I had a late start at Millbank today, so I was able to find three caches before work. They were all quickly located, which is unusual for me as I do find urban caching problematic at times. I started off with a trad, Jeremy Bentham, which was just a stone’s throw from St. James’s Park tube, as was the next hide, the SideTracked EarthCache for the station.

SideTracked St. James's Park EarthCache
SideTracked St. James’s Park EarthCache

Another very quick find nearby was a second multi based around finding info from a mosaic mural in a side street. The final hide was a nano which I managed to put my hand on almost immediately!

Then it was time for work… But I did manage to pop out again at lunchtime for a wander around the wet streets of London, to finally pick up Church Micro 4000 – Westminster Abbey. So all in all a good haul for today.

London Street After Rain
London Street After Rain

Day #122 – Crow-jecture

Trad: 1 Multi: 2 Puzzle: 2
Walked: 5.0 miles

25th November 2015
25th November 2015

Today’s outing was to Wickham Bishops and Great Braxted to pick up some mutlis, puzzles and revisit a trad which I had DNF’d a few weeks ago.

First stop was the Church Micro at Great Braxted. Despite owning the CM a Little Braxted, I’d never visited this church before, so it was definitely worth a visit. The sun eventually came out too, once I’d spent more than half an hour roaming the churchyard, looking for clues.

Great Braxted Church
Great Braxted Church

The Trad at Beacon Hill was the one which had been missing for my last visit. Today the weather was much better and so was the reward.

View From Beacon Hill
View From Beacon Hill

I then moved on to Wickham Bishops to do three multis around the village set by kareninwb. Two were successfully completed but the numbers at one clue point were missing and I could not pick up the last one. There’s always another day….

But the most satisfying find of the day was one of Mr Crow‘s fiendish Rally Round puzzles, RR31 – Urban Bishops. I’ve looked at it on and off for several years and made zero progress. But yesterday I took another look at the cache page and had an idea. Not how to solve the puzzle (I still have no idea) but where the hide might be.

A bit of speculative rummaging in my likely spot and there it was! Yay! Successful Crowjecture completed!