Day #320 – Seven Reborn

Trad: 7
Walked: 5.3 miles

I was looking for an easy series to tackle this evening after work. Unusually, I chose some caches in Essex at the last minute – which nearly had me unstuck because I had the Hertforshire PQ loaded on my GPS!

I had decided upon looking for the remaining seven unfound caches along the Essex Way Reborn section (Willingale to Good Easter) by PeCeH.

Been Here Before...
Been Here Before…

Thankfully there was just enough phone signal when I arrived at the start point to the south of Good Easter, and I was able to hastily download the waypoint info – but I forgot the hints!

I remembered some of the locations from the first time around, but a couple caused me more trouble than I would have liked!

Tracks In The Crops
Tracks In The Crops

At least I managed to get them all, so no revisit required another day. That has connected the chain of smileys on this reborn section now, which is very pleasing.