Day #292 – Fabulous Friday!

Trad: 9 Multi: 1 Puzzle: 3 Earth: 1
Walked: 11.7 miles

I had a Fabulous Friday out caching in Kent today with Kitty!! and Mr Crow. We centred our activities around Cliffe and Cliffe Woods initially, taking in a multi Church Micro, Earthcache and several excellent trads.

St Helen's, Cliffe
St Helen’s, Cliffe

The Charnel House was an interesting Earth cache to visit.

The Charnel House, Cliffe
The Charnel House, Cliffe

Torpedoes Again was located at Cliffe Fort.

Jetty At Cliffe Fort
Jetty At Cliffe Fort

However, the main point of our trip today was to pick up two caches in new DT squares for us all. The first was Earth Engine. I’ve had the co-ords for this one for a few months, but today was the perfect day for a visit. The sun was shining, there was a cool breeze and the walk from the car park was spectacular. Initially, it looked very daunting, but once we found a sensible way in, wasn’t too bad at all.

Earth Engine - A Way In
Earth Engine – A Way In

Of course, we had to take a few pictures from the top! And that was the D3.5/T4.5 box ticked off the list.

Atop Earth Engine
Atop Earth Engine

Finally, we had to visit Shrek – his swamp was on the outskirts of Maidstone, and we came prepared. The perfect place to christen our new waders!

In Shrek's Swamp!
In Shrek’s Swamp!

Kitty and I gingerly edged our way through the gloop to GZ while Mr Crow stayed on dry land, guarding our stuff and taking pictures of the escapade. I also managed a pic at GZ with my phone, without dropping it or the log sheet into the mire. And that was the rather satisfying D4.5/T5 box done too!

Found Shrek
Found Shrek

We triumphantly celebrated our Grand Day Out with dinner and a pint at a nearby pub, before heading home, weary but satisfied with our achievements.

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