Day #291 – Cursing Recursion

Puzzle: 1
Walked: 1.0 miles

Grinning Buddha is renowned locally for posing some fiendish puzzles.  Recursion was just another, which popped onto my map in mid-March. I looked at the cache page soon after it was first published and didn’t have a clue. It’s been sitting there, taunting me, ever since.

Friends assured me I could solve it. I kept looking at it and it kept looking back. Then out of the blue a few days ago, unbidden, the
co-ordinates came from an unexpected source. But I vowed not to go and look for it until the tricksy monkey was off my back and I had solved it myself!

Trying to avoid some work yesterday, I had another look at it. I scribbled a few things in my notebook and got a plausible formula. I messaged the CO who kindly confirmed that I had the right thing I needed to solve the problem. He also mentioned that Win7’s calculator in Scientific mode was up to the job of crunching the numbers. Ah! I had upgraded to Win10 just yesterday, would it still be so?

More scribbling, rationalising and plugging numbers into the formula followed. Then an undexpected thing happened – aha, that simplifies things a bit! And yes, Win10’s calculator was just as happy to deal with numbers as long as your arm. Eventually the penny dropped and out popped a rather satisfying figure, which made the checker happy and conveniently agreed with my previous info.

Oak Leaves Nearby
Oak Leaves Nearby

So today it was time to go and look for it. No hint, but I guess that’s not a problem. Once I was at GZ, the GPS was suggesting somewhere else close by, but a thing struck me as being a little incongruous. On further investigation, it did indeed reveal something which appeared to be rather recursive. Hurrah! I won’t post a spoiler pic, so that everyone else can have as much fun trying to solve it!

Another day done for the geostreak 🙂