Day #196 – Multitudinous Micros

Multi: 20
Walked: 10.0 miles

I’m feeling a little better today, still coughing a lot, so not really fit to be seen at events, but I have been itching to get out for a proper caching day all week while I’ve had the lurgy.

Church Micro 3591…Bexleyheath - St Peter
Church Micro 3591…Bexleyheath – St Peter

Today’s plan was to find at least 20 Multi Church Micros. This would qualify me for several Challenge Caches. I knew it would be tough, but there are several clusters of yellow box CM’s around Belvedere, Welling and Bexleyheath, just south of the river. I had 25 on the GPS, just in case I got any DNF’s, but thankfully I met my target of 20 with only a couple of difficult finds.

Church Micro 3592…Bexleyheath - St Thomas More
Church Micro 3592…Bexleyheath – St Thomas More

Unfortunately, most of the churches weren’t terrible picturesque, mainly being modern constructions and in very urban settings, so I didn’t end up taking may photos. But I got the job done eventually, and then came home to collapse on the sofa for the evening!

It’s a pity I missed Mr Geotrowel’s Cluedunnit 2 event near Colchester this evening, but it would have been a long way to travel for the evening, which is when I’m generally still feeling rather grotty. Lurgy Be Gone!