Day #167 – A Load Of Rubbish!

Trad: 8 Puzzle: 1 Multi: 2 CITO: 1
Walked: 4.5 miles

A few weeks ago I noticed a CITO event had been published for today, and since I needed another two to qualify me for two different challenge caches, I made a note to attend this one in Stowmarket. I also invited along my lapsed caching friend Leeky who lives in the town.

Most cachers were issued with binbags and litterpickers to borrow, but I brought along my own buddy, Larry The Litterpicker who visits all the CITO events I go to. He had a bit of a fight with Leeky over ownership of one bit of rubbish…

Larry Fights With A Friend!
Larry Fights With A Friend!

We collected a big bagful each, and had a nice natter while walking around the Cedars Park estate. We also found three caches while we were out and about wombling.

Larry's Bag Full Of Rubbish
Larry’s Bag Full Of Rubbish

Leeky was pleased to have found a hubcap – better in the bin than littering in a hedge!

Leeky Found A Hubcap!
Leeky Found A Hubcap!

We went for a rewarding lunch in ‘Spoons in the town (and found another couple of quick cache and dashes before the rain started).

Leeky returned home but there was still some daylight left, so I picked up a few more caches in the area, including a puzzle which I had solved a few weeks ago in preparation for today’s visit. I was a bit worried by the Tree Climb attribute, but decided to go take a look anyway. Larry was a great help, just reaching the cache for me without my feet leaving the ground! Hurrah for Litterpickers!

Larry Helps Out Up A Tree
Larry Helps Out Up A Tree

After a final two Church Micro finds in nearby Stowupland, I drove to Colchester to stay with Mum and Dad overnight, which will save time tomorrow when I go to Mistley for the first of BEASTMARSTA’s 2016 Flash Meets.

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