Day #161 – Fun Box

Trad: 1
Walked: 0.7 miles

If I thought yesterday was wet, today the rain followed on in spades. I waved Alistair off on his journey home just as it started in earnest. So I thought I would nip around the corner for a newly-released cache less than a mile away. It was not to be! The rain made me give up after about 10 minutes. I was very soggy.

So onto one of my reserve caches which I’ve been keeping for such crap weather days – the Chelmer Village Fun Box. The find was easy enough, thank goodness, but then the “fun” began – inside the main container were half a dozen identical small tubes which had to be searched to find the actual log!

Fun-box Innards
Fun-box Innards

Mission accomplished, I retired home to change clothes, dry out and contemplate being back to solo caching for the time being.