Day #160 – Damp In Basildon

Trad: 1 Puzzle: 1
Walked: 4.0 miles

Got It!
Got It!

Today’s outing was a damp afternoon in Basildon. We had a couple of DNF’s at caches which almost certainly weren’t there.

But we also managed two hides around Whitmore Park, the first success was a puzzle which hadn’t been found since the summer (and we found it on the ground) – I had done my homework so we knew what to do with the combination lock!

The second was a straightforward trad which we were quite glad to have found, since we weren’t having a lot of luck in the rain.

We also did a reconnoitre of a tricky D4/T4.5 hide nearby, but despite having a little go at it, we decided we were under-prepared and the deluge of rain made us decide it would be better to leave it for another day.

So, a modest two finds today for January’s “all systems go” push. Frustrating!