Day #131 – Church Micro Crawl

Trad: 10
Walked: 4.2 miles

4th December 2015
4th December 2015

Today I decided to work on a challenge cache, Ecclesiastical: An Assiduous Cacher Challenge which requires you to have found 10 church micros in a day. I had noticed a cluster of CMs around Basildon which were all quite close together and which I hadn’t found. I had a few as backup too, in case any were DNFs.

The first was CM Noak Bridge which was a quick find, followed by Dunton which is now a private house.

CM - Dunton
CM – Dunton

My only DNF came at Manor Mission which was Muggle Central – despite a thorough search I just couldn’t locate it.

CM - Basildon Holy Cross
CM – Basildon Holy Cross

Next up was Basildon URC, Holy Cross, & St. Andrew’s before getting to CM Vange. The church was a lovely example and open to have a look around. I enjoyed my picnic in the car park.

CM - Vange
CM – Vange

Fortified by food, the next stop was CM Vange Mission, then Pitsea and Gun Hill.

CM - Pitsea
CM – Pitsea

The final stop of the day was St Peter’s, Thundersley, which has an unusual terraced graveyard with the church at the top of the hill. Thankfully it was an easy find so I was able to continue onto Southend to run an errand before it was dark!

CM - Thundersley
CM – Thundersley