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Day #231 – Devil’s Porridge, Plus

Trad: 2 Whereigo: 1
Walked: 5.6 miles

I’m on a bit of a roll with Whereigos at the moment. The Devil’s Porridge in Wat Tyler Country Park by Grimmserscotting has been on my radar for a while. So when Kitty!! suggested a caching outing today and asked if I had ideas for a location, we decided to head to Pitsea and try it out.

Little People
Little People

The Whereigo was excellent, one of the best I’ve done to date. It told us the history of the old munitions and dynamite factory which used to stand on the site, through the narration of Grimmerscotting’s Great Grandfather, Ted Baker, who used to work there. It was a really well put together story and much more engaging than just walking around the footpaths reading the notice boards which are scattered about.

The only trouble we had was getting into the right location for Zone 13 – but we were fore-warned from previous logs. Kitty rather gamely bushwhacked our way through with her secateurs and determination!

Bushwhacking To Zone 13
Bushwhacking To Zone 13

Eventually we arrived at the right spot so we could continue our journey – nothing was going go stop us at this point! But the selfie below does show we looked rather relieved to have got this far!

Relief! We Made It!
Relief! We Made It!

We had nearly completed our mission when there was a nasty incident with Kitty!! being mauled by a mutant Cockroach along the path…

Kitty Gets Mauled By A Giant Cockroach!
Kitty Gets Mauled By A Giant Cockroach!

She managed to escape its clutches and we homed in on the final prize, a lovely, big, well-stocked ammo box hidden in a corner of the park where few visitors would venture.

The Final Prize
The Final Prize

So there was quite a lot of effort involved, but it was a really rewarding cache to complete. All too often, people want the instant gratification of a cache-and-dash, but sometimes slowing down and working for your reward really pays off in satisfaction value.

To celebrate our success, we stopped off in Pitsea for the SideTracked hide which Kitty!! found almost immediately. Thank God, as I, and many others, have DNF’d it recently! We bumped into another couple of cachers who were looking for it at GZ who were also very glad of Kitty’s cache-sniffing abilities.

After an expensive trip to Go Outdoors nearby, we picked up another Church Micro in Vange on the way back to Kitty’s for tea and cake.

Day #181 – Purfleet & Pitsea Potter

Trad: 9 Multi: 1
Walked: 4.2 miles

I decided to kill two birds with one stone today – I needed to visit Purfleet to find the SideTracked cache and also pick up a Church Micro somewhere along the way, both helping me towards Challenge cache qualifications.

My first stop was Purfleet where I managed to find three caches in the end, including the SideTracked hide. Knights Of The Round Table, was at a very curious spot!

Table For Two?
Table For Two?

On to Pitsea, where St Gabriel’s Church has a new CM by Cettis12. This was an easy find. The church is a modern design, quite pleasant in its own way.

St. Gabriel's, Pitsea
St. Gabriel’s, Pitsea

I noticed that In Memoriam, Pitsea War Memorial by Grimmer Scotting was also close by. Since I’m on a long term mission to find more multis (again with the aim of Challenge Cache qualification), I thought I would give it a go. The memorial looked lovely in the contre jour lighting this morning. I found the numbers quickly and the cache was also a swift locate once in the right place.

Lest We Forget
Lest We Forget

I had allowed myself the morning to “play”, and since there was still some time left, I did a few more drive bys and cache & dash in east Basildon as I worked my way home.

I was going to look for another of Cettis12’s new Church Micros but as I approached I saw a guy loitering around outside the church, trying to give out leaflets about Jesus to anyone who would take them. Having politely declined, I was told “God loves you” and I made a swift exit. Frustrating, as I could easily see the bison tube in its hiding place, but feared trying to retrieve it would attract too much attention from the zealot… So I decided to leave it for another day.

Day #131 – Church Micro Crawl

Trad: 10
Walked: 4.2 miles

4th December 2015
4th December 2015

Today I decided to work on a challenge cache, Ecclesiastical: An Assiduous Cacher Challenge which requires you to have found 10 church micros in a day. I had noticed a cluster of CMs around Basildon which were all quite close together and which I hadn’t found. I had a few as backup too, in case any were DNFs.

The first was CM Noak Bridge which was a quick find, followed by Dunton which is now a private house.

CM - Dunton
CM – Dunton

My only DNF came at Manor Mission which was Muggle Central – despite a thorough search I just couldn’t locate it.

CM - Basildon Holy Cross
CM – Basildon Holy Cross

Next up was Basildon URC, Holy Cross, & St. Andrew’s before getting to CM Vange. The church was a lovely example and open to have a look around. I enjoyed my picnic in the car park.

CM - Vange
CM – Vange

Fortified by food, the next stop was CM Vange Mission, then Pitsea and Gun Hill.

CM - Pitsea
CM – Pitsea

The final stop of the day was St Peter’s, Thundersley, which has an unusual terraced graveyard with the church at the top of the hill. Thankfully it was an easy find so I was able to continue onto Southend to run an errand before it was dark!

CM - Thundersley
CM – Thundersley