Day #118 – A Mini Challenge

Trad: 3 Multi: 1
Walked: 3.4 miles

21st November 2015
21st November 2015

Today I chose Maldon and Heybridge for my caching trip, to mop up a few stragglers which have been bugging me for ages.

One fun cache was Hop, Skip and JUMP, hidden along the mud flats. It holds an excellent little surprise in the container, I won’t spoil it if you intend to visit!

Maldon Mudflats
Maldon Mudflats

The daily streak continues, but it can become a little tedious just grabbing a cache and dash, boring trad each day. So I have decided to have a few little challenges to help things along.

For starters, I have published my New Year/Birthday Event cache at the local pub, and have set myself the target of reaching my 4000th find at the event. That’s about three per day, which isn’t too bad – especially as I can do one a day for most days, then have a bigger walk/caching day out at the weekends.

I’ve also been looking at various Challenge Caches around the UK (most of them in the South East), and seeing what I need to do to qualify for them. On is the Unconventional Streak Challenge which requires you to find at least one non-traditional cache (multi, puzzle, virtual, event, earth, etc) for 10 days in a row.

Annoyingly, I almost qualified for this in the first 10 days of my current geostreak – I got 9 consecutive days with lots of different types of caches. But I didn’t know about this challenge then, and day 10 was just 5 trads – RATS!

So today is Day #1 of my mini-streak of unconventional finds – today’s qualifying cache being a multi, The Tower.