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Day #324 – High Point (Herts)

Trad: 5
Walked: 4.8 miles

Today’s mission was for a few drive-bys around Elstree. I stopped off for a quick find in Shenley before work, and then another 4 around Radlett and Aldenham on the way home.

HightPoint (Herts) was the biggest box I’d found in a while, and a golden oldie from 2002. It was probably a nice spot when it was originally placed, but the location now suffers a bit from fly-tipping. Sad, but the box is still hidden pretty well, so the muggles haven’t noticed it.

High Point Big Box
High Point Big Box

I also picked up a 2005-vintage cache from someone’s front garden today. If you phoned a number they were supposed to come out and give you a prize token of some sort, but nobody was in when I rang! Oh well…