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Day #287 – Pork Pie For Breakfast

Trad: 1
Walked: 8.2 miles

When I used to visit my Grandparents in Leicester as a child, we would often be offered local Melton Mowbray Pork Pies as part of our breakfast buffet. I don’t indulge in them much nowadays, but this one would be fine for the waistline!

Mmmm, Pork Pie!
Mmmm, Pork Pie!

So it was a quick cache and dash this morning on the way back to Elstree to start the great post-Election clear up. I knew I wouldn’t have time (or energy) once I had finished this evening. The novelty container was quickly found on a familiar footpath – some of my Centenary Circle caches used to be roundabout here.