Abbotts Langley Monopoly

Trad: 13 Letterbox: 1
Walked: 7 miles

After a few hours at Elstree for work this afternoon, I decided to head to Abbotts Langley to find a few more caches by geobike. They were mainly in the AL Monopoly series (since all archived) but there were a few others too. The pretty little church of St. Paul’s in Langleybury was one of the first – not actually a Church Micro but still a nice hide.

St Paul's Church, Langleybury
St Paul’s Church, Langleybury

The local phone box has been turned into a little library, where I found a very interesting read hidden on the shelves!

Clever Phone Box Library Cache
Clever Phone Box Library Cache

Another nice caching session, and the bike made things much quicker to get around.