Day #386 – Fyfield Flyby

Trad: 1 Multi: 1
Walked: 1 mile

A handful of new caches have been published around Fyfield and Moreton recently, so I thought I would head over there to see if I could find any of them.

My first stop was a multi based around The Free Church. Dusk was approaching and the required information was pretty hard to read, but I manged it in the end and went on to find the pot easily enough.

I then spent ages messing about with Stumped! 56 which is a field puzzle and so far has no finders – in fact, nobody else had even attempted it, and it’s been published since 27th July!

Still Stumped By Stumped 56!
Still Stumped By Stumped 56!

Sadly, I was still stumped by it, and had the dubious honour of being the first to DNF. Despite knowing what to do with the numbers I found, I just could not locate the pot – I was searching by torchlight in the end.

So I gave up and went for the Church Micro in Moreton instead – where I was just in time to witness a spectacular sunset! And I found the cache. Double win.

Lovely Sunset At Moreton Church
Lovely Sunset At Moreton Church

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