Day #361 – Brentwood Scoot

Trad: 4
Walked: 2.3 miles

A new weapon in my caching arsenal arrived today! It’s a Hudora 205 Big Wheel Scooter! You probably think I’m mad, and you’re probably right. I took Little Quacker out for a spin with it this evening to find some urban hides around Brentwood.

The New Geo-Scooter
The New Geo-Scooter

We didn’t go all the way by scooter, it was a mixture of scoot and walk (some of the hills are rather steep around there!). But I was getting the hang of it the more we did. It certainly makes getting around between caches much quicker.

LQ Finds A Keysafe
LQ Finds A Keysafe

The pavements have to be pretty smooth for an effective scoot – if the tarmac gets too rough, it’s a very bumpy ride for me and little ducks!

LQ With A Nano On The Geo-Scooter
LQ With A Nano On The Geo-Scooter

LQ objected to being called an Ugly Duckling, until I pointed out that was actually the name of the cache we had just found!

Ugly Duckling - Who, Me?
Ugly Duckling – Who, Me?

There was one hairy moment towards the end of our outing, where I nearly went over the handlebars after hitting a protruding paving slab. Somehow, I managed to safely “walk off” the board and there was no damage done. Phew!

A Cache Just LQ's Size
A Cache Just LQ’s Size

So our first outing by scooter was fun, tiring and slightly dangerous. That definitely qualifies it to have my ‘Life Begins…’ Adventures Coin dipped in today’s finds!

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