Day #336 – Farewell, Shenley

Trad: 3 Puzle: 1
Walked: 6.1 miles

I’ve been working near Shenley for most of June, and today was one of my last days in the area. So I thought I would attempt to mop up the remaining unfound caches in the village and pick up the Shenley Loop Bonus. This was a nice view from The View.

Shenley - The View
Shenley – The View

I had enough information for the Bonus cache and did the numbers – which plotted out to somewhere easily reached. By the time I was at GZ, it was beginning to rain quite hard, so I was very grateful for a quick find, especially given the previous two logs were “finds” but the cachers said they were “in the right place but couldn’t find anything – it must be missing”. That’s a DNF in my book…. Anyway…

Shenley Loop Bonus
Shenley Loop Bonus

Sure enough, the log showed that neither of the previous “finders” had signed it, but I was definitely in the right place. Hurrah!

Goodies Inside
Goodies Inside

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