Day #285 – Shenley Sculptures

Trad: 1
Walked: 4.8 miles

Having spent the night shift babysitting journalists making the Election Results programme, (thankfully uneventful, from my perspective), I got back to the hotel at around 6:30am. I knew there may not be much time to find a cache later after my sleep, as I had to go back for the next bit of the show later this afternoon.

But I did feel awake enough to drive a couple of miles to Shenley Park for what I hoped was a quick cache and dash at the White Rabbit hide.

I arrived and had a thorough search of where I thought it should be, but came away empty-handed. Luckily another of the Shenley Loop caches was fairly close by, so I went for that one instead – and duly got the cache of the day out of the way. Hurrah!

Shenley Sculpture To The Rescue
Shenley Sculpture To The Rescue

Back to the hotel and fall into bed…