Day #270 – Aldenham Amble #3

Trad: 12
Walked: 7.2 miles

Going for a hat-trick of caching expeditions around Aldenham, this time conentrating on the west and south west portions of Moosey’s Trail and Wall Hall Walk.

The expedition started badly, as I managed to drop my GPS, which hit the tarmac just as I was leaving the village and I think is now terminally sick, as it won’t turn on. Drat.

So this evenings’s finds were achieved with the iPhone – thankfully I usually have the day’s search area caches downloaded to the phone as a backup before setting out.

Strange Fungus!
Strange Fungus!

The woodland walk was fine, with most caches being easy finds. But one called MI-5 Reservation (Herts), towards the end of my walk, (not part of either trail but a veteran from 2002), caused me no end of trouble. The iPhone didn’t want to update my location and needed a restart before it played ball. Then there were multiple hint items in the general vicinity of GZ which didn’t help me narrow it down very much!

Eventually, I found the box. But sadly it’s no longer watertight and the log inside was a sodden mess. A shame for such and old cache, which could be kept going for many years to come, given a little TLC.

Soggy Loggy
Soggy Loggy

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