Day #260 – Shenley Saunter

Trad: 1
Walked: 4.5 miles

The next few weeks are going to make or break this geostreak. As of today, I’m working full time at Elstree in Hertforshire for a couple of months, facing an 8 hour day plus 1.5-2 hours each way travel on the train. At least, that’s how I’ve been getting there  when I worked at the location previously, which curtailed my caching options to picking up something on the way back through London in the evenings.

However, today I drove for the first time during the week, just to see how bad the M25 commute would be. Answer: not very bad at all! Home to work in just under an hour. Plus, having the car with me opens up many more caching opportunities for the journey home.

Shenley is a pretty little village a couple of miles north of Borehamwood, which is where I targeted my daily cache for today. There’s a loop walk of 11 caches plus a bonus around the village, so that will keep my streak going for a while. But I’ll save most of them for the time I’m working 12-hour days and staying in the vicinity, and will only have the chance of a cache and dash before going into work in the morning.

Old Log, New Log
Old Log, New Log

Anyway, that’s a lot of waffle to tell you I found one of the Shenley Loop – today it was No. 7 as I found a convenient spot to park nearby.