Day #235 – Euston Diversion

Trad: 1
Walked: 6.0 miles

In the past I’ve not been terribly good at urban caching, particularly when it’s dark. I sometimes have enough trouble finding caches in daylight! But I’m left with little choice now that I’m working in Elstree again Monday-Friday until at least 6pm. Public transport is so dodgy that I daren’t stop to look for anything before work, as I’ll end up even later than Greater Anglia, TFL and Thameslink make me.

So stopping off to find something on the way home in central London is the only option for a while. I’ve calculated that to keep my streak going I have about 60 days to endure like that, so I’m generally just going for one and “saving” the others as spares for future work days.

Euston At Dusk
Euston At Dusk

There are quite a few caches around the major stations and underground stops, so I won’t have to walk that far. And there are also plenty of virtuals and earth caches to be “found” which are a  good option if putting my had on a physical cache fails.

Today’s target was a trad just outside Euston station, so it was a quick diversion from King’s Cross/St. Pancras down the Euston Road to pick it up. Although GZ was very muggly, I managed to hide my true intent by appearing to faff around with my rucksack. Job done! And the SideTracked Earthcache nearby is still there as a backup for another day. Hurrah!