Day #230 – Assiduous Adventures

Challenge: 15 Whereigo: 3
Walked: 9.4 miles

There are lots of great Challenge caches in Scadbury Park near Chislehurst in Kent, set by RubyShoos under the banner of the Assiduous Cacher Series. I have qualified for about 17 of the 20-odd in the park and thought today would be an ideal time to go and look for them. Two appeared to be AWOL but I picked the rest up during a lovely walk around the park.

RubyShoos has also set challenges in Greenwich around collecting various cache types/stats. I’m working on the qualification criteria for the I ♥ Wherigos Challenge, one of which is to have found three Whereigos in a day. So I was delighted to notice that there are three Whereigo caches by SkiCycle based around Scadbury Park, and was determined to pick them up as well during my outing today.

Scadbury Stroll was the first, a quite short walk with a little micro pot at the end. That was completed while doing some of the other challenges. But I did find it bit confusing having the Whereigo app running on the phone and finding other caches with my GPS, so decided to leave Scadbury Story and its Bonus to do separately at the end.

It turned out that their route took me around many of the same footpaths I’d already covered! But hey, ho, it was a great way to tell the chronological history of the now ruined Scadbury Manor, giving details of the rise and demise of its former owners.

Remains Of Scadbury Manor
Remains Of Scadbury Manor

Having eventually visited enough of the zones to get the co-ords for the Story and Bonus caches, I realised they were at opposite ends of the park again. So more walking, but at least I met my targets today with only a couple of DNF’s. A great day out.