Day #170 – Bolting To Ulting

Trad: 1
Walked: 2.4 miles

I had to wait in at home this morning for a parcel to be delivered, which was driving me nuts as the sun was out and I was itching to go out and play.

Eventually it arrived (containing a new camera – whoop!) so I headed to Ulting to take some photos along the canal and make a start on Peverel Blue’s Bolting Round Ulting ring. I’m doing them one by one rather than the whole lot at once. That way I get to keep my geostreak going for even longer, I need to eke out as many unfound caches as possible close to home!

The View From The Cache
The View From The Cache

As usual with a series plus bonus, I forgot to take note of the information for the bonus cache. But since I’ll be back here a few times, I hope I’ll remember to pick it up another time.