Day #126 – Letterbox Reward

Trad: 2 Letterbox: 1
Walked: 2.4 miles

29th November 2015
29th November 2015

Trying to continue my streak of Unconventional hides, today was supposed to be Day 9 out of the 10 I need to qualify for the Challenge Cache. I had a puzzle lined up to find, plus a backup, before going out to lunch with a muggle friend.

I knew I wouldn’t have time to look after we had eaten, so made a point of setting off early to search. A frantic hour later, I still hand’t found either of my intended targets!

The only other non-trad hide which was on my GPS was 6 miles away (as the crow flies) but I thought it would be worth the 10-mile detour by road to pick it up – it was a Letterbox cache along The Essex Way. I know from experience that these are rarely difficult to find, so thought that was my best bet.

Letterbox Hide - Essex Way 245
Letterbox Hide – Essex Way 245

Thankfully, it was indeed an easy find! And I even had time to look for a couple of Infinson’s Number Caches nearby, before heading home to get changed into my posh togs for lunch. So only one more day to go!

Also, find number two today brought up my 900th cache since I started my geostreak on Day #1!