Day #85 – La Bête Orange

Trad: 1
Walked: 1 mile

19th October 2015
19th October 2015

Just a quick cache and dash today, and not much of a walk since I’ve been busy at home all day. I needed to put some go-juice in the car before driving to London this evening, so thought I would kill two birds with one cache.

However, Chelmsford’s Orange Supermarket has been lurking on my DNF’d-so-must-try-harder-list since July 2014! Not so much of a bête noire, more of a bête orange

Last time I approached from the obvious direction and didn’t believe my phone’s location, felt very conspicuous but looked everywhere and drew a blank.

Today's cache is brought to you by the colour orange
Today’s cache is brought to you by the colour orange

So today I put the co-ords into my GPSr and approached from a different direction and the likely spot seemed much more plausible (and quiet!). Hurrah! Found ya!