Day #50 – Brief Encounter

Trad: 5 Virtual: 1
Walked: 9.7 miles

14th September 2015
14th September 2015

I had to go to London today to pick up some darkroom chemicals from Tottenham Court Road. I decided to walk to and from Liverpool Street, and found a few caches along the way. Finsbury Circus is an old Virtual from 2004, which has been disabled for a while due to building work for Crossrail. But no trouble finding the info today.

Finsbury Circus Virtual
Finsbury Circus Virtual

I had trouble replacing the cache at Queen Square Gardens as the binmen arrived and camped out right next to GZ for ages. I had to temporarily take it for a walk and eventually returned it about an hour later, once they had knocked off for the evening!

But the best encounter of the day happened at Lincoln’s Inn Fields where I met a cacher from the US lurking ready to find the cache once I replaced it. We chatted briefly – and when I got home, I read his log which included the following:

I also had the opportunity to meet a gorgeous young cacher called Cass, I think, but she ran off so fast I didn’t have the chance to invite her to coffee.

Ha! It’s a very long time since anyone called me that in a log! 😀

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