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Day #172 – Shoebury & Thorpe Bay

Trad: 4 Multi: 1
Walked: 1.9 miles

Another errand to run took me to Southend today. I’ve gradually been hoovering up the caches around the east of the town and beyond, but there were still a few left I wanted to have a go at today.

Moody In Shoebury
Moody In Shoebury

I finally found CM St. Mary’s Shoebury which I had DNF’d a few weeks ago – but had had a chat with the CO at last night’s Essex Meet, so had a better idea of where it was this time.

Phone Home?
Phone Home?

The CM at South Shoebury was a multi which lead to a strange hide indeed – the remains of an old Nokia phone!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t very water tight and the log was quite soggy, despite being double-bagged.

Good to have another few CM’s under my belt – I needed to find at least 10 during January as part of a challenge cache qualification.

"Signal Box"
“Signal Box”

I also picked up SideTracked Thorpe Bay – which I needed for a SideTracked related challenge (just one more to find to qualify for that one).

Day #101 – Shoebury Scramble

Trad: 1
Walked: 2.3 miles

4th November 2015
4th November 2015

Now that the 100-day pressure is off, I nearly blew it today!

I was busy all morning and left it a bit late this afternoon to go out to Southend to run some errands. But I had several caches in mind. Good job – the first two I couldn’t find for love nor money. It was left to the third, which I previously DNF’d a couple of weeks ago (but knew it had been found since) which I managed to locate just in time before I had to be somewhere else. Phew!

DNF at the Church Micro
DNF at the Church Micro, Shoebury