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Day #289 – A Quartet Required

Trad: 4
Walked: 5.0 miles

I left work a bit later than planned this evening, with a target of finding four caches. This would bring my aggregate finds for all 10ths of the month to 100, which would finally qualify me for a Challenge Cache I’d been working on for a while. Sounds simple, yes?

I chose a circuit of caches between North Mimms and Brookman’s Park – the BP Stroll – as the hides seemed reasonably close together and the weather was looking threatening.

With two down, things were going well. But then I hit a brick wall! The next FOUR were all DNF!! Argh! How can I be so rubbish?

Sneaky Metal Sneaker
Sneaky Metal Sneaker

In my defence, the light was pretty poor and they were tricky hides – I wasn’t the only one to DNF some of them in their history. The hints were rather cryptic too, so I just plodded on and finally reached three finds as I was heading back towards the car. Enough of this series!

Grazing Near My DNF
Grazing Near My First DNF

My final find of the evening was closer to North Mimms, a straightforward film pot, Coal Post 32, so it was a relief to finally meet my target at 21:08 – by which time I was searching by torchlight!