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Day #395 – Golden Encounter

Trad: 4
Walked: 2 miles

I spent much of the day lurking inside as it was too hot to go out. I’m a wallflower which wilts when it gets above 25C!

Having solved the riddle for Stumped! 48 Wickham Bishops, my plan was to look for that one this evening, once it got a bit cooler. On arrival, this plan was thwarted by the world and his muggle dog lurking around GZ. So I gave up and went to Tiptree to pick up a few others instead.

The last find of the day, at EH – Pink/Purple/Gold, I had a brilliant encounter with the muggle home-owner nearby. It went like this…

I parked a little way up the road so as not to look too obvious outside the property. Having retrieved the pot quickly and walked along a bit further to sign it so I wasn’t lurking around GZ, disaster struck – I was muggled by the home owner who had appeared from nowhere, in full ninja-stealth-mode, to water his plants!

“Are you looking for Pokémon?” he asked…

Hmmm. Tell the truth or go with the lie? As I know next to nothing about Pokémon and he might have started asking which ones I’d already found and how many eggs I was hatching, or whatever, I decided to come clean.

“Actually, I’m looking for a geocache” I replied.

“Oh, I’ve heard of them!” he says. “It must be a good place for a geocache, it’s not like you can miss the house, is it?”

“Um, yes, you certainly have a unique property!” I blethered.

Anyway, he seemed delighted by the fact that there’s a cache opposite his house, so all is good! He even gave me a cheery wave as I drove past on my way home. Best muggle encounter I’ve had in ages, I had to give it a fave. My only regret was not taking a photo of the purple palace.