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Kensington Stroll

Trad: 2 Puzzle: 2
Walked: 7.6 miles

It’s getting dark early now that the clocks have gone back. That didn’t stop me going for a nice 4-cache walk from Westminster to Kensington this evening after work. It’s funny how different London’s streets look after dark – but it also provides some cover from muggles who tend to ignore what you are doing.

The End Of The Road
The End Of The Road

Day #388 – London Summer Evening

Trad: 3 Multi: 1 Puzzle: 1 Challenge: 1 Virtual: 1
Walked: 7 miles

One good thing about having to work in London on a Summer’s day, is that you get a nice Summer’s evening for a geo-walk afterwards. I did  about 7 miles in two hours after finishing at the office, and picked up some great caches around Kensington, Hyde Park and up to Edgware Road.

Little Quacker Meets Sherlock
Little Quacker Meets Sherlock

The main targets were Sherlock 7 – The Booty!, which I had finally collected enough information to find, Central London Team Quest 1 – another Virtual ticked off the list and, having recently qualified, the 366 Days Challenge cache. I also managed a couple of CMs and a SideTracked or two.