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Day #189 – Three Quick Cache & Dash

Trad: 1 Multi: 1 Puzzle: 1
Walked: 1.0 mile

The flu lurgy has taken a strong hold. I really didn’t want to go out for a cache today, but with a system full of Ibuprofen I found vaguely human and set out for a trio of cache ‘n’ dash hides, including two Church Micros.

The first find was WANDER AROUND WICKHAM BISHOPS which I managed to find quickly today, even in my befuddled state. Good job too, since I had DNF’d it twice already in the past few weeks!

Next up was Church Micro 3175…Great Totham-United Reformed, since I was passing. Thankfully a quick find here.

CM Great Totham
CM Great Totham

My main target for the day was Church Micro 7805…Tollesbury – Congregational, one of the few Puzzle cache Church Micro’s which I haven’t found. And another type for my 7-day Church Micro mini-streak.

I had convinced myself that it was on a bench with a memorial plaque but there was no such thing at the final GZ. An obscure hint had me chasing my tail but eventually the penny dropped.

It's Around Here Somewhere
It’s Around Here Somewhere

And with that, I’ve completed the Dark Month Challenge qualification and had my best month caching since I started, with 277 finds in January. I was surprised to beat my previous best month – August 2015 with 272 – which is pretty much what kick started my ongoing geostreak.

And 15th-17th of January also saw my fastest 100 finds, largely fuelled by the Cool Cuban Spirit series in Kent, closely followed by Finchampstead Undulations while I was on the way to Oxford.