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Day #248 – Heaton Hobble

Trad: 9
Walked: 6.7 miles

We thought we would take it easy today, after yesterday’s exertions. So we started off with a walk to Iris Brickfield to pick up a couple of caches which Alistair had already found. But then it turned into a further walk around Heaton to grab a few more…

Iris Brickfield Park
Iris Brickfield Park

The Church Micro at St. Gabriel’s was an easy find and an imposing building to view while we were signing the log.

St. Gabriel's, Heaton
St. Gabriel’s, Heaton

Once we had returned home and had some lunch, the weather looked better than predicted, so we headed out again, this time to Paddy Freeman’s Park to attempt a Whereigo, Secret Of The Ocean (UK). Sadly, the technology let us down a bit and we could not complete the cartridge to get the co-ordinates. Rather frustrating!

Fooling In Paddy Freeman's Park
Fooling In Paddy Freeman’s Park

But there were a few more trads to find in the park, so we grabbed another trio before heading off to meet friends at Maker Space for the evening.

Ouseburn From Above
Ouseburn From Above