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Day #244 – Wallsend Wander

Trad: 3
Walked: 2.3 miles

After yesterday’s mad dash up the country, I decided to have a more leisurely day today. So Alistair and I pottered about Wallsend and found a handful of easy caches in various locations.

Hadrian Woz 'Ere
Hadrian Woz ‘Ere

One was inside the roller shutters of a local pet shop, so not available at all times, but luckily it was accessible when we were there.

Well-Dressed Geo-Dog Tags
Well-Dressed Geo-Dog Tags

The best find of the day was in the park, where I spotted a bit of green string, which looked suspicious. Releasing it from its hook point meant we could lower down the cache which was hanging in the top of the tree!

Inventive Hide
Inventive Hide

We searched for another three caches by the same owner, but they eluded us. Our concentration was wandering a bit, mainly because we were hungry – but the rain was threatening too, so we retired back to the house and called it a day.