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Day #259 – Back In Gillywig Country

Trad: 5 Multi: 1 Puzzle: 6 Event: 1
Walked: 9.2 miles

The main reason for heading to deepest gillywig country today was to attend another of Mr Geotrowel’s silly events, this time in Eight Ash Green. There were flying saucers! But sadly I missed them as I was a bit late arriving, having got caught up in caching on the way.

Extra-Terrestrial Eventing
Extra-Terrestrial Eventing

My other finds before the event were mostly gillywig puzzles. I had a few on the solved-not-found pile, one or two of which I had previously DNF’d. But I managed to locate all but one today, so not bad.

A Tussel With Dr Who
A Tussle With Dr Who

I very nearly DNF’d 297mm x 210mm twice today! But just as I thought I was completely losing the plot, the pesky duck finally showed itself!

Another Pesky Duck!
Another Pesky Duck!

After the meetup, I took a longer drive around to try and locate the six Knights in geotrowel’s Grail Quest series. I was doing well, bagging four, but my luck ran out, finally, just as the sun was setting. The last two, and their secrets which will unlock the bonus, will have to wait for another day!