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Day #228 – Fossils & Friends

Multi: 1 Earth: 1 Event: 1
Walked: 6.3 miles

I was near St. Paul’s this afternoon and decided to finally complete the Earth Cache there which is all about the fossils on the steps. To start with I couldn’t see any, then all of a sudden, they seemed to be everywhere! Here’s an impressive specimen:

Fossils At St. Paul's!
Fossils At St. Paul’s!

Having done that, I was able to attend a small but perfectly-formed little Flash Mob within 20 yards of the Earth Cache. Nice to meet cachers from Yorkshire, London, The Netherlands and Spain!

Small But Perfectly Formed Flash Mob
Small But Perfectly Formed Flash Mob

My final stop of the day was to pick up Sherlock 3 – The Wages Of Sin, Watson! which is the penultimate “multi-virtual” I need to find before I can go after the actual Sherlock booty.

At The Sign Of The Flying Horse
At The Sign Of The Flying Horse

The info was to be found near this flying horse by Temple Church. A lovely area for a quick stroll. It was then a very unpleasant rush-hour ride on the Central Line from Chancery Lane to Liverpool Street. And I wonder why I try to avoid travelling at peak times…