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Day #272 – Black Notley Trio

Trad: 2 Puzzle: 1
Walked: 4.2 miles

After my mishap with the GPS on Thursday, I was out caching with my backup GPS today – a Garmin eTrex 25 Touch. I bought it a couple of months ago, admittedly on a bit of a whim, as I thought it might be easier to deal with than my older eTrex 20. But I found I didn’t get on with the operating system which has changed significantly since the 20’s was launched.

But needs must, and all that – so today I headed out with the 25T once more. I had got my head round things a bit better, but it still doesn’t feel as intuitive as the old one. Plus the Western Europe TOPO maps it’s supposed to have loaded at purchase still won’t go on. I’ve raised a ticket with Garmin about it but no joy as yet. With just base maps, it’s virtually unusable! Eventually I stumped up some cache for UK/Ireland TOPO Light, which was much better.

Anyway, enough moaning about the tech. Today’s trio of finds were around Black Notley. The first one was a Church Micro which took me much longer to find than it should have! Nothing to do with the tech here, just my stupidity.

Next was a puzzle, Bad Intentions, by evil puzzle-setter murrkin. I haven’t done many of his puzzles as they are usually a bit out of my normal locale. But I’d had the co-ords for this one solved and sitting waiting to be found for months. A quick find here, and no ditch-diving! Hurrah!

Hooray For Bad Intentions!
Hooray For Bad Intentions!

Rather than move the car, I decided to walk over to the other Church Micro on my list, across the fields. It was another fairly quick find once the GPS had me in the right place.


It was rather windy on the walk back, and I regretted not having moved the car after all, but at least I got a few more steps under my belt!