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Postman’s Nightmare

Trad: 9 Wherigo: 1
Walked: 5 miles

Today’s mission was to Newport to find the Wherigo Postman’s Nightmare.  It was a pleasant trip up and down the High Street on my bike, but some of the information was a bit of a nightmare to find!

At last, I had the numbers I needed and found the cache!

Newport Architecture
Newport Architecture

Next I headed to Wedens Ambo to do a little circuit of trads on foot. The TB hotel was one of the first stops, where I left this little red dude to continue his travels.

Wenden TB Hotel
Wenden TB Hotel

It was beginning to get dark as I found the last couple, but at least it stayed dry on the way back to the car. Not a bad little outing, all in all.

Blow Your Horn
Blow Your Horn

Amwell Amble & Tiptree Totter

Trad: 4 Multi: 1 Puzzle: 6 Challenge: 1
Walked: 5 miles

Today’s outing was a brief solo foray into Hertfordshire to pick up some caches around Amwell, followed by a nice walk around Tiptree Heath back in Essex with geo-buddy Kitty.

My first target in Amwell was a Challenge cache, Spread the Love Challenge (UK) all about resuscitating unloved caches which haven’t been found for over a year. Well I qualified easily enough, but also noted that this cache itself had been unfound since 5th September 2015, even though someone had tried in the interim. Challenge Accepted!

I wandered around for ages and eventually found the box, very sorry for itself, a little way from the co-ords and only just as described by the hint. The contents were pretty soggy.

Soggy Box
Soggy Box

However, I unfolded the log and was delighted to find nobody else had signed the book since the last recorded find online – so I had just managed to Resuscitate The Resuscitator Cache! Do I get extra points for that?

Yay! Resuscitate The Resuscitator Cache :-)
Yay! Resuscitate The Resuscitator Cache 🙂

Since I was in the area, and there were some other interesting caches nearby, I made it a little circular walk to pick up a few more. The next one was placed close to the marker for the Greenwich Meridian – but the GPS seemed to think this was a little way off the correct location for E/W 0° 00.000!

GPS At The Post
GPS At The Post

There was a bit of fine industrial architecture too; the old Victorian Pumping Station along the New River.

Pumped Up At The Pumping Sation
Pumped Up At The Pumping Sation

Having finished my walk in Herts, I had a rendez-vous planned with Kitty in Tiptree Heath, to search out a quartet of Mr Crow’s puzzles relating to the tree carvings in the area. There were some great examples. Not sure this lady wanted to be disturbed though!

Do Not Disturb The Lady
Do Not Disturb The Lady

Talking of Crows – Corvus plasticus was guarding one of his other puzzles which we had also solved. With the aid of a ladder we had in the car, we soon made quick work of finding the pot and wresting it from the avian beak!

Corvus plasticus Is At Home
Corvus plasticus Is At Home

Our final port of call this evening was Sing It Again Rod (Encour), an audio conundrum by Fenners1984. We had both had a hand in solving it, so a joint find was a nice way to round off our outing.

Day #311 – Colchester Capers

Trad: 11 Multi: 2
Walked: 9.9 miles

I had a client meeting during the morning in Colchester, so decided to stay in the area afterwards to find a few caches around the town. One of my first ports of call was at the old Roman Circus ruins near the Garrison. I liked the way the reminder of the old buildings was presented.

Colchester's Roman Circus
Colchester’s Roman Circus

It was a bit drizzly for my walk, but I found a few more, including this Leap Day themed cache before heading a little bit further north into Suffolk to find a few Church Micros.

Leap Day!
Leap Day!

I had a pleasant stroll to find a few more of geotrowel’s Grail Quest series too.

A Nice Walk
A Nice Walk

Then it was on to Higham and Raydon to find some more Suffolk multis for a challenge I’m working on.

CM2191 Higham St Mary
CM2191 Higham St Mary

So it was an interesting day out, in an area I don’t get to very often.

Day #279 – North Weald Geo-Ramble

Trad: 17 Puzzle: 1 Letterbox: 1
Walked: 7.2 miles

I’ve been meaning to tackle the 16-cache North Weald Geo-Ramble for a few weeks. Others who have already done it have said it was fun but muddy. Thankfully today it wasn’t too bad for the most part – there certainly was signs of mud but most of it had dried sufficiently to be easily passable without wellies.

Up And Down
Up And Down

I started in Toot Hill and walked the series from the half way point around and back again. Not that the order mattered much! I also put to bed a hide in Toot Hill which I have DNF’d twice before. Yay! This letterbox cache was also hiding in the woods, with a nice little letterbox themed geocoin which I picked up to move along.

Lovely Letterbox Hide
Lovely Letterbox Hide

There was a bit of mud, but only for about 200 yards and all with enough dry land at the side to negotiate without ending up flat on my face.

Mud! Mud! Mud!
Mud! Mud! Mud!

I finished off the day’s finds with a custom cache, Lightning Bolt, in Chelmer Park, just as the sun was setting. It passed some time while I was waiting for my curry order to be prepared at the local takeaway!

Sunset In Chelmer Park
Sunset In Chelmer Park

Today’s finds bring my total for April to 287, my best month yet, and surpassing the previous January 2016 best by 10 caches. I hope to hit the 300 in a month some time this year, as it will qualify me for a challenge cache. It also means I’m just 11 caches away from my 5000th find, which I hope to reach tomorrow if I can have a good day out.

Day #243 – Counting Counties

Trad: 12 Multi: 1
Walked: 4.9 miles

I’ve had a mad day trying to bag as many counties as I could on my drive north. The minimum I wanted was 5, I hoped for 10 and the final total was either 12 or 13, depending which definition of “county” you believe!

1. Essex 
First stop was to grab one of the Essex Way Reborn series. No. 29 was very convenient as it was right next to the road I was going to be driving on anyway, and there was a big layby to park up in while I searched. The cache was soon in hand, and I set my satnav for the next destination.

2. Hertfordshire
Leafy CamoNext up was a short diversion via Bishop’s Stortford to collect Hertfordshire. This is where it all went pear-shaped. There were too many muggles at my first target, I couldn’t find the next TWO and had to resort to a hastily-downloaded back up cache from my phone to finally find something! Phew.

3. Cambridgeshire
I hit slow traffic as soon as I got onto the M11 but eventually arrived at Duxford to pick up a quick trad opposite the aerodrome. Then it was another slow, boring crawl further up the M11 and A14 before getting to the next target.

4. Northamptonshire
Northamptonshire SkiesA small detour from the A1 brought me into Northants, where I spotted the cache quickly, under a tree at the side of the road. There were big, wide open skies and it was still sunny and warm.

5. Rutland
Tinwell SignThe pretty village of Tinwell was my stop in Rutland. Originally, I was going to go for the Church Micro in the village, but I had problems finding the right footpath. So instead I went for a quick find at the Village Sign.

6. Lincolnshire
Next up was a detour from the main route, in Lincolnshire. I almost had a DNF at what should have been a quick drive by here, but persisted and eventually stretched high enough to spot the cache.

7. Leicestershire
Muston is a small village just inside Leicestershire, where I picked up a nice camo’d cache by a mile post. Another county ticked off!

8. Nottinghamshire
Number 8 was Nottinghamshire, a simple Multi Church Micro in the village of Sutton-on-Trent. Still blue sky and sunny for the trip. I was wondering how long it could last…

9. South Yorkshire
St. Helen's MarrA bit further up the A1(M) was my next target, another Church Micro, this time in Marr. It was an inventive hide up the spout of a water pump. And onto the next…

10.  West Yorkshire
Yet another church-based cache for West Yorkshire, this time in Darrington. I found the pot easily enough, but it had a very narrow bottle neck and I couldn’t get the log out – so I just put another piece of paper in it. That’s the 10 county target met! But I had not finished….

11. North Yorkshire
Bridgemania In North YorksI had plans to scout out a high D/T cache near Knottingly as a grid filler, but sadly it wasn’t to be today. I just couldn’t spot it. However, I did find another bridge-based cache close by, to make sure I had picked up one for North Yorkshire (which actually protrudes quite far south at this point).

12. Co. Durham
Take A TippleThis cache was rather well themed – it was set near the site of an old brewery, and the log sheet was set into the side of a little barrel! Pity it wasn’t full, after the day I had had, I could have done with a bit of a tipple. Never mind, the light was beginning to fade a little which meant I couldn’t hang around. I had one more county to collect…

13. Tyne & Wear
Bolted In Tyne & WearThe final pick up of the day was in Tyne & Wear. It was a magnetic bolt on the base of a gate post. I was very glad to have finally finished my mission, just a mile or two from my final destination at Alistair’s house in Newcastle. What a day! I think it has qualified me for three different Challenge Caches, so it was definitely worth the effort.