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Day #185 – Carry On Caching

Multi: 1 Earth: 1
Walked: 4.0 miles

I managed a couple of finds along the Embankment this morning on my way to work. The first was a nice little multi, Carry On Follow That Camel, which started in the Victoria Embankment Gardens at the Imperial Camel Corps War Memorial. The final GZ wasn’t too far away once I had crunched the numbers, and a quick find.

A Camel Eats My Hat!
A Camel Eats My Hat!
Cleo's Needle
Cleo’s Needle

Of course, I’m very familiar with Cleopatra’s Needle but it’s only recently that I’ve realised there is an EarthCache there – all about the damage which was sustained to the plinths during London’s first air raid in WWI.

I took the obligatory selfie with my GPS as well as sending all the info to the CO.

Then it was off to work with the caching business completed.