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Day #251 – Tiptree Totter

Trad: 10
Walked: 5.3 miles

I decided to take it easy today after yesterday’s epic haul and long drive home from Newcastle. Tiptree was my chosen location, as I haven’t cached there in ages and all of the previous caches I had found in the area have been archived now.

Muddy Paths!
Muddy Paths!

I enjoyed a pleasant walk around west and north Tiptree, bagging 10 finds. Some of the paths were a bit muddy, but it was OK for the most part.

Art Deco Architecture
Art Deco Architecture

I had a couple of DNF’s, one sadly right by a bird’s nest which had been abandoned. I do hope that it wasn’t my search in the area which caused the bird to abandon the three, perfect, blue, speckled eggs 🙁

Empty Nest :-(
Empty Nest 🙁

After my walk, I enjoyed tea an bikkies at the new Crow’s Nest where Mr Crow has recently moved. A lovely end to my geo-wanderings.