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Day #312 – Tillingham Totter

Trad: 5 Multi: 5 Letterbox: 1
Walked: 6.4 miles

I wanted to avenge the DNF at Burnham-on-Crouch’s Church Micro so today I set off in a determined mood, vowing I must find it! After a few false starts, I eventually sorted it out! Phew!

CM540 Burnham-on-Crouch
CM540 Burnham-on-Crouch

My next stop was to be Asheldham, to attempt Bean & Sprout’s series around The Pits. I found a couple, but through no fault of theirs, the footpaths in the area became umpossibly impassable, so I gave up after trying to hack my way through. On to plan B!

No Way Through - The Pits!
No Way Through – The Pits!

The tiny village of Dengie which gives the peninsular its name was my next destination – for the old Church Micro there.

CM537 - Dengie
CM537 – Dengie

I then relocated to Tillingham for more Bean & Sprout hides – some multi boxes including the Village Sign.

Tillingham Sign
Tillingham Sign

The best reward of the day was the final cache at Sprout’s Birthday Cache.  It was a monster box bigger than my head filled with goodies – pity I didn’t have anything to swap, so I left the swag where it was.

As Big As My Head!
As Big As My Head!

There was time for a nice little Letterbox hide on the way home, too!