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Day #238 – An Impromptu Afternoon

Trad: 5 Multi: 1 Puzzle: 1
Walked: 2.7 miles

I just popped round to Kitty’s to drop some stuff off this afternoon. But it turned into a cup of tea and cake, and then an impromptu caching trip around Bowers Gifford to find a few boxes.

CM818 - Bowers Gifford
CM818 – Bowers Gifford

An old Church Micro which we both had on our to do list was 818 – Bowers Gifford. We soon found the information and were rewarded with a nice big box a little walk away.

A Nice Big Box
A Nice Big Box

Watchers Of The Marsh was a great hide in an old pillbox, which Kitty quickly sniffed out. Clever cat!

Kitty On Guard Duty!
Kitty On Guard Duty!

So we had a great, unexpected outing, it’s always nice when that happens.