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Day #192 – Kelvedon Trio

Trad: 2 Multi: 1
Walked: 1.4 miles

The final day of my mini 7-day Church Micro geostreak, today I decided to head for Kelvedon first thing this morning where there were two unfound CMs on my map (one for a spare, just in case I didn’t find the first!).

CM3391 - Kelvedon URC
CM3391 – Kelvedon URC

Thankfully, I did get the first one easily, and picked up another nearby pot as I was passing from the walk to the final. But of course, I couldn’t resist having a look for the other Church Micro as well – this one I had first DNF’d back in June 2011 when it was missing – and I’m ashamed to say I haven’t been back since. But today was a good day to put that to rest and, under a confused tree blossoming ridiculously early, I found what I was looking for.

Confused Blossom!
Confused Blossom!