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Day #390 – To Berkshire Via Kent!

Trad: 5 Multi: 1 Challenge: 1 Letterbox: 1
Earth: 1
Walked: 5 miles

I’m heading to Imber Village in Wiltshire this weekend (more of that tomorrow),  but first I had to drive to Margate in Kent for  meeting this afternoon. You never know what the motorways are going to do, so I set off super early and had time for a few finds in Kent before the meeting.  Since I was passing, I stopped off briefly for the 13th Day Of Every Month Challenge just south of Whitstable. Then the T3.5 Earthcache near Reculver was high on the agenda.

Looking For Sharks' Teeth
Looking For Sharks’ Teeth
Blowy Day At Reculver
Blowy Day At Reculver
Little Quacker Takes A Swim
Little Quacker Takes A Swim

I had lunch next to the pretty little Church at Reculver before doing the Church Micro.

CM3444 - Reculver
CM3444 – Reculver

Once my meeting was done, it was back on the motorways, but I had time for one or two on my way to my hotel in Berkshire this evening – the payoff for travelling on the M25 on a Friday night!

CM4415 - Eversley
CM4415 – Eversley

The CM at Eversley was hardly a Micro! Little Quacker met a blue friend in the big ammo box we found. Why Eversley? Well I needed just one CM in the CM44xx range to finally qualify for The Mega Church Micro (CM) Challenge Cache  and this wasn’t too far off my planned route. Job done!

It's A BIG Micro
It’s A BIG Micro

The last stop of the day was to Burghclere Memorial Chapel for the CM there, before turning in for the night and settling down to log the day’s finds.

CM8001 - Burghclere
CM8001 – Burghclere

Day #175 – Finchampstead Undulations

Trad: 25 Puzzle: 1 Challenge: 3 Virtual: 1
Walked: 9.6 miles

I went on a road trip to stay in Oxford today, but why go directly there when you can detour via some interesting caches around Finchampstead? Why there? Well I was really after The Queen’s Oak, which fills the June 2001 Jasmer Square. Nearby was a lovely old virtual too, and the Finchampstead Undulations circuit.

The Queen's Oak Grand Old Cache
The Queen’s Oak Grand Old Cache

However, my first port of call was to pick up a couple of Challenges in the area, and they were both easy finds. The 366 Challenge also earned me a new D5/T2.5 square for the grid, which is going well!

What's Behind The Stick?
What’s Behind The Stick?
The Old Pump
The Old Pump


The Finchampstead circuit was extremely muddy in places, and I had to DNF one or two hides, but overall it was a great walk with some grand views.