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Letterbox Lovelies

Trad: 2 Multi: 4 Challenge: 4 Letterbox: 24
Walked: 9.5 miles

I was back to Kent today to pick up at least 24 Leterboxes, 4 Multis and two Puzzles, so I could qualify for a couple of Challenges elsewhere. There were a couple of suitable circuits around East Peckham and Beltring, so I headed south of the river.

The first circuit offered a good parking spot at St. Michael’s church, East Peckham. So it would have been rude not to pick up the trad and CM nearby before setting off on my letterbox quest.

St Michael's East Peckham
St Michael’s East Peckham

My usual trick with letterboxes is to forget to bring my personal stamp along, but I remembered this time! All logs got a nice fat imprint.

I Remembered My Stamp!
I Remembered My Stamp!

Of course, most of the letterboxes contained their own stamps (a couple were missing), so by the time I had finished, I had a nice collection in my own notebook.

Stamped Up Collection
Stamped Up Collection

Well that’s job done and another two Challenge caches can be moved onto the “qualified for” pile.